PE Rattan Care

Cleaning your rattan set

Your set will need a clean every now and then. Best times are at the start of the season and just before you pack it up and cover it for the winter.
Sounds strange but a once over with a vacuum cleaner will get rid of any dirt in the weave and then simply wash down with warm soapy water, hose off and leave to dry, that’s it!

Furniture In The Winter

Our rattan furniture is produced from a high-quality, UV-resistant, and weatherproof PE rattan,
It is ideal for the varying British weather. As it is such good a good quality weave on an aluminium frame  you can leave your luxury rattan furniture outside in the autumn & winter, we do always recommend on using your free cover during the winter

Cushions though should be kept inside . They are certainly showerproof but not made to last a winter

Thats it for up keep, just needs a little TLC to keep the furniture in tip top condition

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