Just when you think its time to retire for the evening as the sun goes down just turn on the gentle gas flame on your fire pit table and enjoy another few hours of al fresco dining, the gentle warmth of the fire means dining out side into the Autumn and Winter is now something you can do

Easy ignition system gets the flame up within seconds and can have a very gentle low flame to a much higher flame, all controlled automatically with the dial under table, easy use of propane gas which as you can see from photos sits nicely into the table base, gas not supplied but readily available locally

The fire pit system on the set is a 50,000 BTU rating, CE certified and will provide enough heat and light for up to six hours on the lower heat and around four hours on the highest heat which really gives ample heat to all six people sitting at the table, when not using the fire pit you can cover with the stainless steel cover cover supplied which gives you more room on sunnier days